Using Wifi 6 To Foster A 1:1 Device Initiative: An Octorara Area School District Case Study

How A Consortium Of Public Schools Implemented WiFi 6 To Obtain Cutting-Edge Wireless Connectivity

The education leaders of the Octorara Area School District wanted to improve their district’s curriculum by implementing a 1:1 computing initiative in all four of their schools. 

To accomplish this ambitious goal, they turned to Turn-key Technologies, Inc. (TTI) to design and install a seamless WiFi 6-powered network infrastructure on all of their campuses. 

 TTI helped the district roll out a complete network overhaul by:

  • Performing a comprehensive site survey to assess how many access points were needed to meet the device needs of each school.
  • Applying engineering expertise to create a virtual map of planned access point placements for each of the schools.
  • Repurposing legacy cabling to limit the need for new cable installation.
  • Implementing a seamless port-to-switch layout with no bottlenecks in its design.

Download the case study to learn how Turn-key Technologies, Inc. (TTI) made it happen and how we can do the same for your school district.