VIDEO: The Top 3 Problems with Enterprise WiFi Networks

Major corporations must understand — and avoid — these three common issues if they’re to get the high-performance enterprise WiFi networks they need to succeed.

Evolving industry developments are making it more and more difficult for IT teams to manage and optimize enterprise WiFi networks. Enterprise networks that once had 50,000 and 500,000 endpoints now have anywhere between a million to tens of millions. This massive expansion has made it exponentially more difficult for enterprises to keep track of cybersecurity vulnerabilities and network assets.

Poorly configured hardware and radio-frequency interference from security systems or Bluetooth-enabled devices can cause persistent issues for IT professionals across an organization. What’s more, these problems can open up vulnerabilities that bad actors can exploit at short range, posing critical risks to your team and your proprietary information.

Resolving these potential issues is a must — especially if they can pose a risk to your enterprise’s cybersecurity. With Turn-key Technologies, you can rely on IT experts who know how to design and support enterprise networks for efficiency, performance, and security.