VIDEO: The Benefits of a Wireless Site Survey

A comprehensive wireless site survey can help any business optimize network performance.

Is your network performing as well as it could? With a wireless site survey, you don’t have to wonder. Network experts can evaluate your space taking into consideration your business’ specific needs to ensure optimal connectivity — even as your enterprise grows. By surveying all relevant network features like access points, bandwidth, user distribution, and security concerns, a wireless site survey can tell you how your network is performing and what you need to do to make it perform better.

From logistics companies to hospitals, just about any business can benefit from a wireless site survey. If you’re planning to set up an entirely new network, don’t waste your money on trial and error — a comprehensive wireless site survey can help you take the next step with confidence. Or if your existing network hasn’t been updated recently, a survey can help you check if you’re low on bandwidth or have any unaddressed security issues.

If you plan to expand your existing infrastructure or add wireless capabilities to an outdoor space, a site survey ensures you don’t overload your current network capabilities. Don’t wait to make sure your enterprise’s network is truly enterprise-grade — schedule your wireless site survey with the network professionals at Turn-key Technologies today.