VIDEO: Defending Against Port Scan Attacks

In our latest video, we break down how port scan attacks work — and how to create effective deception-based defenses against hackers running port scans.

In a port scan attack, a hacker probes various system ports in an attempt to learn what services a network is running, and to gain an understanding of its operating system. While most devices undergo at least one port scan in their lifetimes — and they are generally harmless — they can still pose a security threat.

Unfortunately, a firewall is no guarantee that hackers will be unable to gain entry into a system — even if it blocks a majority of a device’s ports — since cybercriminals can scan in “strobe” or “stealth” mode.

Today, mass port-scanning tools have become increasingly sophisticated, making it more important than ever for IT teams to have the right systems in place to protect against port scan attacks.

Watch the video below to find out how to determine which of your device’s ports may be open to probing, and how to implement “bait” trap defenses against port scan attacks.