Thursday, August 13th @ 10 AM Introducing Verkada's Hybrid Cloud Surveillance and Access Control Solution

Please register here for the Verkada Hybrid Cloud Surveillance and Access Control Webinar: Thursday, August 13th at 10AM 

Securing your physical environment and high-risk areas is the first line of defense necessary to prevent unauthorized personnel, emergencies due to minimized staffing, or unexpected work-related accidents. 

Turn-key Technologies, a global integrator for Networking & Security has partnered with Verkada, a cloud-based camera and access control solution that offers powerful analytics, detailed audit logs, and secure authentication. 

Verkada offers the unmatched benefit of a 10-year hardware warranty combined with award-winning, first year complementary 24/7/365 support from Turn-key Technologies.

The use of high-resolution cameras supporting analytics and facial recognition to cover entrances, exits, and high-risk areas is possible with Verkada, without compromise. 

Join our extensive webinar to learn how to make your work place or school safer and evaluate your video security and access control solution.

The Webinar is scheduled for Thursday, August 13th 10AM EST and we hope you can attend! 

After registration, you will receive a calendar invite from us.

We look forward to speaking with you!